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Buy A Wooden Baby Rattle

Sassy Earth Brights Wooden Spring Bouquet

If you are looking for a great toy for your baby, you should consider looking at the range of wooden baby rattles that are available.

Sassy Earth Brights Wooden Spring Bouquet wooden rattles consist of a central wooden ring with several little wooden objects that are attached to it. The green wooden rings represent the leaves of the bouquet. When they are moved backwards and forwards they make a clicking sound, which will keep a baby entertained for hours on end.

Fantastic Fun With Baby Wooden Rattles

The other things that are attached to this wooden rattle are three plush flowers. These are brightly coloured in order to attract your child’s eye and attention. The textured fabrics that have been used enables baby to explore, compare and contrast the variety of textures. One of the flowers also functions as a rattle when it is shaken.

This is just one of the wooden baby rattles that this company makes and they have invested time and energy into creating wonderful toys that have been inspired by nature, using natural materials which will last for a lifetime.

This is the perfect toy for any baby and would make a fantastic gift idea to present to brand new parents.  Other fabulous toys for babies include an adorable sterling silver baby rattle as well as baby stroller toys for when you are out and about.