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Buy A Safety First Handheld Digital Video Baby Monitor

Safety First Handheld Digital Video Baby Monitor

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The advancement in technology means that there are a vast range of hand held video baby monitors that you can choose from online.

This Safety 1st digital video baby monitor is a wonderful example. It is great for busy parents who want to have the option of getting on with other tasks in and around the home while still keeping in contact with their sleeping child.

This unit has an impressive 650 feet range so you really can be anywhere on your property and still be guaranteed perfect picture quality on the video monitor.

The technology used to produce this baby monitor means that you can set the base camera in position and you can control it with the remote digital zoom and pan features on the handheld parent monitor.

The unit works with 3 AAA rechargeable batteries that are included in the price and you also get the belt clip too. Thisis just one example of the type of Video Baby Monitors that are currently available.  Other monitors you could choose to buy include the Fisher Price handheld montior, the Zopid baby monitor or a Mobi Mobicam Video baby monitor, which are all available to buy online today.