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Savannah Goes to the Theatre – Childrens Book

Savannah Goes to the Theatre is about the very first time that Savannah goes to see a musical theatre show.

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Discover all the wonderful things that Savannah experiences on this special trip that she shares with her friend Katie.

The theatre show she sees is based on one of her favourite fairy tale stories.

The chapter headings of this short story are:

**Savannah’s First Trip to the Theatre
**Savannah’s Mother Explains What They Will See at the Theatre
**Savannah Invites Her Friend Katie
**The Exciting Journey on The Train
**Savannah Arrives at the Theatre
**Inside The Theatre Auditorium
**Savannah Takes Her Seat
**Savannah’s First Theatre Show Begins
**Savannah Enjoys an Ice-cream at the Interval
**The Theatre Show Continues
**The Journey Home

This is the perfect short story if you are looking for a book that you can share with your little girl.

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