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Savannah’s Happy Halloween Party

Savannah’s Happy Halloween Party is a cute little story about a little girl called Savannah.

She lives with her mum and dad and they have a little dog called Jessie. Savannah lives next door to her very best friend. Her name is Katie.

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Savannah’s Happy Halloween Party is about the wonderful Halloween party that Savannah helps to organise with her family.

Discover all the exciting things that Savannah has to think about and do so that the Happy Halloween party is a success for everyone. The chapter headings of this short story are:

** The Happy Halloween Party
** The Happy Halloween Party Invitations List
** Savannah Chooses Her Halloween Costume
** Savannah’s Happy Halloween ‘To Do’ List
** Savannah’s Parents Choose Their Halloween Costumes
** Jessie the Dog Gets a Halloween Costume Too
** Savannah’s Happy Halloween ‘To Do’ List
** Savannah Chooses The Party Favours Gift Bags
** Savannah Helps Decorate the House for Halloween
** Grandma May Prepares a Happy Halloween Feast
** Savannah Welcomes Her Guests to Her Happy Halloween Party
** Time to go Trick or Treating
** Grandma May Presents the Happy Halloween Cake
** Time to Say Farewell to The Happy Halloween Party Guests

This is the perfect story for any little girl who loves Halloween, fancy dress costumes, trick or treating and eating Halloween cake.

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