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Buy a Monster High Fashion Design Book

Monster High Design Sketch Book

Monster High Full Size Sketch Design Portfolio

Monster High DesignPortfolioThe Monster High characters are a highly popular group of girls that know how to show up in any event – whether school or hanging with friends – dressed in clothes that show off hot, trend setting fashion style.

The Monster High Full Size Sketch Portfolio lets kids have fun with the popular characters by designing cool clothes and accessories for them to wear.

The ghoulish and cool monsters can wear whatever you design with the portfolio.

Kids can play and have fun and hone their art skills too – and nothing is too ghoulish for these characters to wear!

Girls don’t have to be the best with drawing ability to be able to have fun with this toy.

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What Does The Monster High Fashion Book Offer?

Monster High Design BookThe portfolio gift lets kids design and create outfits that are freakishly hip and trendy for this high school group.

It comes with 40 pages, so kids can design without worrying about outlines, since the pages allow them to sketch by tracing – making it perfect too for younger kids who want one.

The Monster High Full Size Sketch Portfolio has five stencils that contain 190 different creations girls can make for the Monster High characters.

Kids can design something dark and dreary for Frankie Stein who loves her black plaid outfit or they can give a little more colour to the white outfit Abbey Bominable coolly loves to wear.

Monster High Stickers

Monster High Design PortfolioOnce kids are done with the fearful designing of the outfits, they can add the stickers that take the designs from fashion fabulous to A-list spotlight ready. This portfolio is also educational while being fun.

Since the stencils are made to be used multiple times, the fun of sketchi ng and design lasts for hundreds of different scenes!

Inside the portfolio are lessons that teach kids about how colours work well with other colours and the portfolioalso includes some sample fabrics kids can use in the designs.

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The Perfect Gift for a Budding Fashionista

Having the portfolio is like having their very own design studio that girls can easily take along with them wherever they go. Having a Monster High Full Size Sketch Portfolio doesn’t just teach kids about design and colour and how different fabrics can shape an outfit.

It’s a fun way for them to spend time dressing up the characters they love. The portfolio comes with a sketchpad, stencil cards so that kids can create more than fashion outfits (including the accessories) – and it’s portable enough to have fun on the go.

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