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Buy a Fisher-Price Disney’s Dance Star Mickey

Fisher Price Disneys Dance Star Mickey

There are two main reasons to buy a Fisher-Price Dance Star Mickey for your child. The first is that everyone loves the world of Disney and the second is that everyone loves Mickey Mouse!

There are several Mickeys to choose from. You could have the original Dance Star Mickey, the funky Master Moves Mickey, the Mickey Hot Dog Dancer or the rocking Rockstar Mickey.

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Why You Should Choose a Fun & Interactive Toy as a Gift

Fisher Price Disney Dance Star Mickey

Disney’s Dance Star Mickey

Interactive toys have become very popular of late. They’re rising up the best seller lists because these type of toys keep kids healthier by engaging both their minds and their bodies. Plus, interactive toys help kids with dexterity and coordination.

They’re one of the best gifts you can give little ones. When they get up and move, it’s better for them physically. That’s why parents love the Fisher-Price Dance Star Mickey. Just like Dancing with the Stars, Mickey inspires your kids to love to dance too.

As he moves and grooves, it inspires kids to get up and dance right along with him. They love seeing Mickey jump right into the song and it quickly becomes quite the giggle-fest whenever this well-loved character makes an appearance.

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How Does Dance Star Mickey Work?

Fisher Price Disney Master Moves Mickey

Disney’s Master Moves Mickey

All kids have to do to get Mickey ready for some groovin’ action is to press his foot and watch him get ready to tango! He not only dances, but this great little guy also talks and walks too! You’ll laugh along with your child when Mickey belts out, “Go, Mickey, go Mickey.”

For the songs that are included with the Fisher-Price Dance Star Mickey, there’s a dance that accompanies the song that’s made especially for that beat. No two dances are alike for the different songs and your child will love (and groove along) to each song. They’ll be inspired by Mickey’s dance moves and will have so much fun as they’re mimicking his dancing.

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A Selection of Fun Songs from Different Genres Included!

Fisher Price Disney Rock Star Mickey

Disney’s Rock Star Mickey

Your child will get a selection of songs they’ll want to play over and over again until they’ve memorized the songs and the dance moves that go along with them.

The styles of the songs are different so your child will be introduced to a variety of musical backgrounds.

Remember the disco era? Your child will be introduced to this fun loving dance and song style thanks to Mickey and he’ll love it just as much as you did back in the day.

Mickey also dances to the Latin techno and other styles. One that kids will laugh along with? The Moonwalk.

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Dance Star Mickey Has Interactive Games Too

Fisher-Price-Disney Dance Star MickeyThe Fisher-Price Dance Star Mickey doesn’t just do dances to fun music, he also comes along with interactive games, too.

The titles for those games are Mickey Says and Freeze. This toy is great entertainment for your kids and helps them while it’s entertaining them.

Watch Mickey come to life and dance the night away much to your child’s delight! This is sure to make the top most wanted item on Santa wish lists, so don’t wait until the last minute to get one for beloved child in your life.

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