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Buy A Despicable Me Minion Toy

The Despicable Me Minion Toy has turned out to be really well-known because of the cartoon movie called Despicable Me.

You will discover several different kinds of toys and games that happen to be currently available to purchase which connect in some way to this film.

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The film was made with plenty of celebrities providing the voices for the different cartoon figures.

This movie is all about a bad guy called Gru. He’s called the No2 super villain. The No1 super villain is Vector and this particular villain recently succeeded in implementing an incredible crime. This guy succeeded in working out how to rob the Pyramids in Egypt.

Gru, Super villain No2 needs to show his own dastardly abilities and he intends to pull off the most daring crime in history by attempting to take the moon. Gru has his own interesting group of funny shaped characters.

These small characters are called his army of mini minions. They are all yellow in colour, appear to be oval in shape like a pill and they wear small blue overalls and a pair of goggles.

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Though these tiny yellow minions are technically the “bad guys” in this cartoon, the plush toys that are available these days to purchase are so cute and delightful that youngsters and also adults will definitely want to buy one.

At first all these yellow minions might seem alike but if you happen to look a little closer, you may note that there are several individual characters which have their own unique individual qualities.

Say Hi To Despicable Me Dave

The Despicable Me yellow Minion Dave can be purchased in two different measurements. You can get the 6 inch plush or the 10 inch stuffed toy. The unique difference about this figure is that Dave has got two eyes obscured under his goggles.

Say Hi To Despicable Me Stewart

The Despicable Me yellow Minion Stewart is definitely the odd looking minion of the group.

Stewart can be instantly recognisable considering the fact that this particular little figure only possesses one eyeball that is in the middle of his little face. Stewart is available in the 6 inch version and the ten inch deluxe minion plush.

Say Hi To Despicable Me Jorge

The Despicable Me Movie Minion Jorge may also be bought in 2 different sizes. Select the ten inch larger plush or, alternatively, you can choose the six inch plush.

How you can recognise Jorge is that he is the mini minion with a very big friendly grin where he very happily shows off his pearly whites.

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