Supergirl Halloween Costumes for Girls

A Supergirl Halloween costume for girls would be a perfect choice if your daughter wants to dress up as a super hero character.

There are different colours to choose from but the most recognisable style is the one that looks similar to the Superman Halloween costume.

This is  made using fabrics of bright reds, blues and yellows.

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The Supergirl Costume is made up of several components.  Some costumes provide the complete set but others do not. Make sure to check what is included in the price before placing your order.

The Supergirl Dress

Supergirl Costume for Toddlers

The main part of this costume is the dress.  This consists of a bright blue top that has long sleeves and has gold trim around the cuffs and around the collar.

On the top you will recognise that the gold Superhero insignia is printed on the front. The top is attached to a bright metallic red skirt.

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For younger girls, the skirt falls at an appropriate length so that it is not too sexy for young ones to wear. The top and the skirt are neatly divided by a metallic gold belt.  This is made from the same fabric as the trim on the cuffs and collars.

Supergirl’s Cape

One of the most important skills that this super heroine has is the ability to fly and so this costume would not be complete without that much needed cape.

Supergirl’s cape is made from a bright red fabric and it is attached to the top of the dress already so there is no need to fiddle with ribbons or ties.  Or it is bright pink, if you choose to buy the costume picture here.

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Supergirl’s Boots

The final part of this costume is the boots. You are provided with a great pair of boot tops that you simply slip on over your own boots.

These are made in the same metallic fabric that has been used for the skirt and belt.  The main part of these boot tops is red with a gold trim.

The Supergirl Halloween costume is also available in the adult version so you could choose to dress the whole family as super heroes this holiday season.

Superhero Costumes for Dogs

If you want to take your dog trick or treating this Halloween, choose a costume that will co-ordinate well with a Supergirl fancy dress outfit.

This Superman costume for dogs is just one example of what you could dress your pet in so that he or she compliments your daughter’s look.

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