How To Create Fun Toys & Games with Boxes

Creative Fun with Cardboard Boxes

Creative Cardboard Box Games for Kids

Kids have such imaginative minds. So why not harness all of that creative brainpower cheaply and simply? You can also teach your children about the benefits of recycling at the same time. What are we talking about? Using cardboard boxes, containers and cylinders for arts and crafts projects which benefit your child’s mental and physical development.

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What Type of Toys Can You Make with Cardboard?

Scissors for KidsThe cardboard center of a roll of paper towels becomes a pirate’s spyglass. When you have that new refrigerator or water heater delivered, the durable cardboard box it arrives in can make an excellent home for a puppet show. An old shoe box becomes a castle when paint, scissors, glue and imagination are applied.

Any strong, corrugated cardboard from boxes can be used to make your own wastebasket or storage bin. Grab a paper punch, some scissors, pictures or paint for decorating. Measure out 4 sides and the bottom, and use a whole bunch to make several holes that you can thread string through to keep your new bin together.

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Create a Village from Boxes

Cardboard PlayhouseUsing small or large boxes, you can make a cardboard toy train. For bigger versions, paint paper plates that you add to the side which serve as imaginary wheels. A cylindrical oatmeal box makes a great chimney stack, and another paper plate can serve as a steering wheel for this train, or even a car made from the large appliance box we mentioned earlier.

Using smaller boxes, an entire miniature town can be created. This tiny town box village uses cardboard boxes, imagination and your assistance to let your child re-create a village, town or fantasy land from her favorite movie or television show.

You can even buy ready made Cardboard Playhouses for kids to decorate and play.

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Make Jewelry from Crafts

Arts & Crafts Drawing SetIf you happen to have lots of different sized boxes, use the cardboard from them to create your own building block set. You can use this time to help teach your child about primary colors and numbers, as you paint them on your newly created building blocks.

Boxes that come with lids are perfect for tossing games, and cardboard from throwaway boxes of all kinds can be used to fashion, paint and decorate cardboard jewelry for your little fashionista. That includes using a cardboard box, glitter and scissors to fashion a tiara for your little princess.

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Larger boxes can also be combined to make doll houses for girls, and forts for boys. If you are a parent on a tight budget, or you are looking for ways to inspire imagination and creativity in your children, creative cardboard box games are perfect for your pocketbook, and they supercharge your kid’s mental and physical developmental progress.

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