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Disney Princess Sleeping Bag

A Perfect Sleeping Bag for Sleepovers

Every little girl dreams of becoming a princess and if you choose to buy this Disney princess sleeping bag, you can be assured that your little one will definitely feel like a little princess.

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On the top outer layer of this smart little sleeping bag you will see that the following Disney princesses are featured:

  • Belle from Beauty and The Beast
  • Cinderella
  • Aurora from The Sleeping Beauty

The shape and size of this kid’s sleeping bag makes it perfect for a variety of uses. If you are a family that likes to go camping, or if your child is going off to stay with friends or family then this is a lovely and colourful addition.

If you are arranging for slumber parties or your daughter has been invited to a slumber party, then this light weight sleeping bag is quick and easy to transport from place to place.

Reasons To Buy A Good Quality Kid’s Sleeping Bag

If you are looking for kids sleeping bags that has been specially designed for children then you may be pleasantly surprised at the range that is currently available. The most important factor that you will need to consider in order to ensure that you select the best product for your family is the size and weight of the sleeping bag.

This is a very important point if you are looking for something that you know will last for a couple of years before your child outgrows it or if you are after something that you can use for a few more years down the line.

Once you have come to this decision, you may find that the choices that are available to you will be filtered down so as to make it easier to pick the right sleeping bag for your little one.

What Is The Disney Slumber Bag Made From

This particular sleeping bag is made from a mixture of materials. The shell and the internal filling consist of 100% polyester. The amount of polyester fiber filling weighs 16 oz and with the additional tricot liner this makes the whole thing incredibly warm.

The bag measures 30 inches by 57 inches and is definitely lightweight and portable. It is also the perfect size to place as a comforter over a twin size bed. There is a side zipper which makes for very easy access.

The external layer is wonderfully soft and silky to the touch. As you can see it has a lot of vibrant colours that have been used for the beautiful graphic designs of our princesses.

If your daughter is a fan of the Disney Princesses then this is definitely a must have item for you to buy. The Disney Princess kid’s sleeping bag would also make a wonderful gift idea if you are looking to buy a birthday present or something for Christmas.

Captain America Halloween Costume for Boys

Buy A Captain America Halloween Costume

The Captain America fancy dress costume is a superhero costume that has seen a recent resurgence in popularity.

The reason is due to the 2011 movie called Captain America: The First Avenger, staring Chris Evans as Captain America.

He also features in the more recent movie The Avengers with Iron Man, The Hulk and Thor.

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This is a great costume choice due to the truly patriotic colours that make up the outfit. You can get the outfit in sizes suitable for boys, teens, and adults.

Chose from Two Different Styles

You can choose to buy a costume that is based on the look that is seen in the classic comics or you can opt for the costume that is based on the look and design that is featured in the 2011 film.

Whichever one you decide to get you will discover that there are several components that go into making up this particular costume. Some places will sell the complete set but is more than likely that you will have to buy certain parts separately.

Captain America’s Jumpsuit

The main part of this costume is the jumpsuit. In order to replicate the bulging muscles that Captain America has, the suit will usually have padded muscles and a padded torso area.

Captain America’s Head Mask

The head mask is bright blue in colour and is made to cover the top of the head and eyes. It sits securely on the head by using the straps that fastens underneath the chin.   Printed in the centre of the mask is a huge “A” insignia to signify Captain America.

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Captain America’s Utility Belt

A superhero’s costume is not complete without a utility belt and Captain America has a great one.  This belt has plenty of pockets and purses in order to ensure that this he doesn’t forget a thing.

Captain America’s Shield

The final part and most important element of this costume is the fantastic shield that this superhero carries around with him at all times.

He uses this as protection because it is indestructible and as a weapon that can be thrown.  It is made in red, blue and silver and features a large star right in the centre.

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The Origins of Captain America

Captain America first appeared in comic book form in 1941.  It is part of the Marvel Comic family and this character became really popular during wartime due to his patriotic sense of duty.

If you want to be the hero at your Halloween party this year then choosing to wear a Captain America Halloween costume will definitely make you the superhero to admire.

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There are otherr fancy dress costume ideas featured in the Avenger film. Click Iron Man Halloween costume and click Thor Costume for boys to find out more.

Wonder Woman Halloween Costumes For Girls

Wonder Woman Fancy Dress  Costume – The Ultimate Feminine Superhero

A Wonder Woman fancy dress costume is suitable for girls of all ages. If your little one wants to be a superhero this Halloween, then this would make the perfect choice.

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The style of Wonder Woman’s outfit may vary a little as they have been designed to suit the age of the child. There are still certain elements that all of these costumes have in common.

The Bodysuit or Mini Dress Option

The main part of this outfit is the bodysuit.  You can choose to either purchase this design as a leotard or as a mini dress version.

Both comprise of a top that is made from red fabric and features the gold emblem of Wonder Woman in the centre of the design.

The lower half of the costume is in bright blue and is decorated in little gold stars. To finish off this part of the costume, there is a gold belt in the centre known as Wonder Woman’s belt of strength.

The Wonder Woman Accessories

Wonder Woman’s costume has some wonderful accessories which are important to the overall look and style.

The following elements are the items that the character uses as defence weapons.

She has her two bullet deflecting bracelets which are silver, her gold lasso of truth and her gold tiara. The tiara has a red star insignia in the centre.

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There are plenty of superheroes who have a cape and Wonder Woman belongs in this camp.  Her cape is bright red and is attached by a simple tie.

The final element of this costume is the boots that Wonder Woman wears. These are bright red with white strips and are made as boot tops so you can easily attach them to your own boots.

Buy a Wonder Woman Bag

If your daughter is going trick or treating to collect gifts and candy from the neighbourhood friends and family, then this Wonder Woman tote bag would be the perfect accessory.

It is certainly large enough to hold all the treats that they will be given on Halloween.

This bag could also be used for school and shopping trips to the Mall.

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The Wonder Woman costume is a great choice for any Halloween party or event because it is suitable for girls of all ages.

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Buy The Incredibles Halloween Costume for Boys and Girls

Dress Like The Incredibles This Halloween

The Incredibles Halloween costume would be a fantastic idea if you are looking for a fun outfit that is suitable for the whole family to wear.

Each member can become a superhero for the evening, and look great when going trick or treating.

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The family consists of the parents, Bob and Helen Parr, and their three children Dash, Violet and toddler Jack-Jack.

The Costume Design

The costumes for men, women and children all have the same basic design.  They are available in all sizes so no one has to miss out.

Each outfit consists of 3 main parts which are the bodysuit, the eye mask and the belt.

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The Incredibles Bodysuit

The jumpsuit has been made so that it features all the elements of this superhero costume.  This means that you do not have to worry about attaching different bits and pieces in order to get the look right.  The suit is bright orange with detailed work in black fabric.

This includes the black cuffs on the sleeves and the black material that covers the calves.  This is used to replicate the look of the knee high boots that the characters wear as well as the long sleeved gloves that they also have.

One way to complete the look is to add your own pair of black gloves but it is not necessary.

The bodysuit also has the insignia of The Incredibles, which sits in the centre of the costume.

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The Belt

The inclusion of the belt for this costume may differ from seller to seller.  Some costumes have been made so that the belt is separate, while others have used fabric and have simply incorporated it into the jumpsuit so that it is already part of the costume.

The Eye Mask

Every superhero needs a way to be able to hide their identity and the Incredibles use a black eye mask.

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This is a simple design that is easy to put on. You will find that it is attached to an elastic band that needs to be pulled over the head or it has a tie on each end that you can do up at the back.

If you are trying to decide on a superhero fancy dress outfit this Halloween then the Incredibles Halloween costume would be the ideal choice, suitable for individuals, couples and for the whole family.

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Buy A Batman Halloween Costume

There are two basic Batman Halloween Costumes that you could choose for your child.

There is the retro Batman fancy dress costume that is based on the popular television series from the 1960s or there is the more modern and up to date style called the Dark Knight Batman costume.

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The Dark Knight Batman Costume for Boys

This particular fancy dress outfit is a very popular choice due to the huge success of the recent Batman movies starring Christian Bale as the main character.

In the films the outfit is much more sombre looking than the outfit from the old television series.  Anyone who chooses this particular style for their fancy dress will definitely stand out in a crowd.

This costume features a black bodysuit with a chest armour which will make you look fearsome in front of any enemies. This is either made from a padded fabric or it is printed on the fabric like the example shown above.

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This Batman costume also features the utility belt, a pair of gauntlets for the arms, the black cape and the head mask.

To complete this look it is a really good idea to use a little black make up around the eyes so that you can replicate the piercing eye stare that the Dark Knight gives when he stares down his foe.

The Retro Batman Halloween Costume for Children

The style of this costume was made popular by the comic book drawings and by Adam West, the actor who played Batman in the television series.

The bodysuit of this particular outfit is made out of a gray Lycra material while the long flowing cape is black.

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The Yellow Utility Belt

The all important feature of this Batman costume is the bright yellow utility belt that holds everything that a superhero could possibly need when he has to go off and protect the people of Gotham City from the likes of The Joker, The Riddler, Two Face and all the other baddies.

Batman’s Muscles

The comic book hero and television character of Batman wore a very tight fitting outfit which showed off the definition of his chest and emphasised his pecks.

This feature has been incorporated into the costume so you can now purchase a Batman costume with a padded chest area.  You can be proud off your fully defined muscles while keep danger at bay. There is an emblem of the Bat that is displayed in the centre of the Lycra top and it is made to colour co-ordinate with the yellow utility belt.

Batman Halloween Costume for Dogs

If you plan to take your dog trick or treating this Halloween, why not get him or her their own Batman themed costume?

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No one has to miss out on the fun and you will have one adorable looking animal.

Buy an Iron Man Halloween Costume

If your child has decided that he wants an Iron Man Halloween Costume, then be sure to get all the important parts for this Superhero fancy dress outfit.

The Iron Man Costume

The Iron Man costume is made up of two main parts; the all in one jumpsuit and the head mask.

The red jumpsuit has been printed with a pattern that resembles the body armour of Iron Man’s power suit.

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This includes lots of intricate detail work using reds, blacks and gold colouring to produce the printed graphics on the legs, arms and torso of the costume.

The upper torso, shoulders and biceps on this suit have also been padded in order to replicate the expansive chest that this superhero has.

Iron Man’s Power Source

One of the important elements of this costume is the power source, known as Iron Man’s arc reactor which enables Tony to live.  This has been created in different ways on different costumes.

You can buy a suit where a reflective fabric has been used to represent this or you can buy a great outfit which features a light up pack that is powered by batteries.  This would certainly make you stand out at any Halloween party.

The Arc Reactor is also sold seperately.

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Iron Man’s Mask

The final part of this costume is the head mask or helmet.  It is made in the same colours as the suit, a combination of red and gold.

Most stores will sell the helmet as part of the package, but you can also purchase the helmet separately.

These ones will have a lot more detail work and other great functions incorporated into them.

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Not One, But Two Iron Man Costumes to Choose From

If you are already a fan of Iron Man, then you will know that there is an alternative choice to the red and gold Iron Man suit that is worn by the character Tony.

You can now purchase a gray Iron Man outfit.  The guy who wears this suit is called Jim “Rhodey” Rhodes and his alter ego is known as War Machine.

He teams up with Iron Man in order to provide extra backup to fighting off the bad guys.

The suit is exactly the same but comes completely in gray.

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So this Halloween you have a fantastic choice of Iron Man costumes.  If you have two children, they could join forces and become a superhero crime busting duo.

Buy Spongebob Bedding

Click To Buy Spongebob Bedding

If your child is a huge fan of all things to do with Spongebob Squarepants then you may want to invest in some Spongebob bedding in order to create a fantastic bedroom setting. The different items that are currently available to buy online will look wonderful in a child’s room.


You can choose to buy some simple decorative items to populate the bedroom or you could opt for a complete bedroom makeover by getting co-ordinating Spongebob curtains, wallpaper and carpeting to produce a mesmerizing underwater theme.

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Whatever you decide, you will find that everything can be ordered online and be will you within a matter of days.


If you are hoping to buy a Spongebob bedding set as part of a Christmas present or birthday gift, then you will have no trouble at all.

A few examples of what you can order online include the following:

  • SpongeBob Squarepants Pajama Party Comforter
  • Spongebob 4-pc. Toddler Bed Set
  • Sponge Bob Sea Adventure Pillowcase
  • SpongeBob Squarepants Under the Stars 63-Inch Drape

This is just the tip of the iceberg. Find out as much as you can about what is currently for sale and you are sure to buy the perfect Spongebob Bedding your child will absolutely adore.

Buy a LeapFrog Scribble and Write

Click to Buy a Leapfrog Scribble and Write

LeapFrog have become known for creating educational toys for kids that make learning fun. If you’re looking for something that’ll help your child learn to write, and develop their alphabet skills, then the LeapFrog Scribble and Write is an extremely affordable option.


The Scribble and Write is a simple console featuring a full alphabetical keyboard, a screen for writing the letters on, a stylus, speaker, and a few other simple controls. It’s chunky enough to withstand typical child behavior, and the stylus is a good size for gripping with small hands.

Scout the puppy will help guide your child as they trace the lights on the screen to draw various shapes. As they progress, the child will then move onto both upper and lowercase letters as they learn to write. In total there are four learning modes that get more advanced as your child moves along.

How Does The LeapFrog Scribble and Write Work?

In addition to writing skills, the Scribble and Write also helps to develop knowledge of the alphabet, pencil control and phonics skills.

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As with other handheld educational devices from LeapFrog, parents also have the added benefit of being able to connect to the online LeapFrog Learning Path program to keep track of what their children are learning.

Should You Buy The LeapFrog Scribble and Write?

Although the manufacturer recommends this toy be given to children of at least three years of age, many parents have claimed that children as young as two have enjoyed writing letters on the device. However, there are small parts which could present a choking hazard, so bear this in mind.


This educational toy is especially useful if you have a child who isn’t so keen to learn more about writing. With the LeapFrog Scribble and Write, it becomes fun! Many parents have reported their children wanting to play it for hours on end, not realizing just how much they are learning.

The addition of Scout the dog helps to keep children connected to what they’re doing, and many kids just love him. This addition, and the simple instructions, mean that the LeapFrog Scribble and Write system is more fun than normal writing practice.

The LeapFrog Scribble and Write is, thankfully, very affordable. It has received wholly positive reviews from parents who are amazed at just how captivated their kids seem to be when using it. All in all, this is a solid educational toy for your child, one that should last a while, and that won’t break the bank.

Buy Melissa and Doug Standing Easel

The Melissa and Doug brand name has become synonymous with quality in the eyes of many parents, so it’s no surprise that the Melissa and Doug Deluxe Standing Easel has been such a top seller in the world of toys for so long. Keep reading to find out more about this toy, and whether it’s worth your investment.


Features Of The Melissa and Doug Standing Easel

* 2 sided wooden easel – 1 side paper roll (not included)/ dry erase board, the other a chalkboard,
* Folds up for easy storage,
* Comes with a sturdy tray on both sides to store art supplies (not included),
* Adjustable height for kids aged 3 and above,
* Locking paper roll holder keeps the paper in place,
* Includes 4 clips and a child-safe paper cutter.

What Do You get In The Box?

When you buy this standing easel you’ll get the two-sided foldable easel, all hardware to put it together, and instructions. You’ll also get the clips and paper cutter, but it doesn’t come with the roll of paper or any art supplies. Melissa and Dog sell an art supplies kit separately if you need it.


Should You Buy The Melissa and Doug Standing Easel?

Although on first glance this standing easel may seem more expensive than the alternatives, most parents consider it excellent value given its quality. The fact that it can also grow with your child, as you adjust the height of the easel, makes it last as long as possible.

Kids under the age of three may find it difficult to reach the top of the easel, so it’s recommended for ages three and above. Thanks to the fact that it’s two-sided, two kids can easily draw on the easel at the same time. In fact, it’s a good-sized easel that makes it easy for both kids to work together on the same side if they want to.

Although you may be wary of buying such a big easel for your child, the main advantage of this particular one is that it’s easily folded up and put away (under a bed, in a closet etc.) if you need to. It’s light enough that the kids can even move it around themselves if they want to.

In short, this easel is an excellent high quality choice for your children, and well worth the money given how long it should last them. It’s easy for children to use, and easy to clean up afterwards. All in all an excellent product that’ll encourage creativity and skill development in your child.

Other great gift ideas for children include a cute Kid Tough Fisher Price Camera or an adorable Dora Dollhouse for little girls.

Buy A Despicable Me Minion Toy

The Despicable Me Minion Toy has turned out to be really well-known because of the cartoon movie called Despicable Me.

You will discover several different kinds of toys and games that happen to be currently available to purchase which connect in some way to this film.

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The film was made with plenty of celebrities providing the voices for the different cartoon figures.

This movie is all about a bad guy called Gru. He’s called the No2 super villain. The No1 super villain is Vector and this particular villain recently succeeded in implementing an incredible crime. This guy succeeded in working out how to rob the Pyramids in Egypt.

Gru, Super villain No2 needs to show his own dastardly abilities and he intends to pull off the most daring crime in history by attempting to take the moon. Gru has his own interesting group of funny shaped characters.

These small characters are called his army of mini minions. They are all yellow in colour, appear to be oval in shape like a pill and they wear small blue overalls and a pair of goggles.

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Though these tiny yellow minions are technically the “bad guys” in this cartoon, the plush toys that are available these days to purchase are so cute and delightful that youngsters and also adults will definitely want to buy one.

At first all these yellow minions might seem alike but if you happen to look a little closer, you may note that there are several individual characters which have their own unique individual qualities.

Say Hi To Despicable Me Dave

The Despicable Me yellow Minion Dave can be purchased in two different measurements. You can get the 6 inch plush or the 10 inch stuffed toy. The unique difference about this figure is that Dave has got two eyes obscured under his goggles.

Say Hi To Despicable Me Stewart

The Despicable Me yellow Minion Stewart is definitely the odd looking minion of the group.

Stewart can be instantly recognisable considering the fact that this particular little figure only possesses one eyeball that is in the middle of his little face. Stewart is available in the 6 inch version and the ten inch deluxe minion plush.

Say Hi To Despicable Me Jorge

The Despicable Me Movie Minion Jorge may also be bought in 2 different sizes. Select the ten inch larger plush or, alternatively, you can choose the six inch plush.

How you can recognise Jorge is that he is the mini minion with a very big friendly grin where he very happily shows off his pearly whites.

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Other top gifts for children that you could consider include the fully functional Mickey Mouse Kids Digital Camera or a Dora Dollhouse for a little girl, perfect for Christmas or as a birthday gift.