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Buy a Baby Wrist Rattle Set

A Cute Baby Wrist Rattle Set

If you are looking for a wonderful set of toys for a small baby then you could think about buying this baby wrist rattle set.

The set comprises of 6 different baby rattles. They are easily attached to your little ones arm because they are made from stretchy fabric which will fit comfortably on the wrist.

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The Set Features Different Animals

These little toys follow an animal theme and each one is different from the next. The set includes a cute little puppy, a ladybug and a butterfly.

In order to get these toys to rattle, all your child needs to do is to shake their little arms about.

The fabrics used all have textures which also make this a great toy that helps to stimulate a child’s senses and imagination.

There is a vast array of baby rattles to choose from and this would be a super first toy for any baby to play with.

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Buy Mortimer The Moose Baby Stroller Toy


Lamaze Mortimer the Moose - Baby Stroller ToyLamaze Mortimer The Moose – Cute Baby Stroller Toy

The Lamaze baby toys are a very popular choice when it comes to picking good quality baby stroller toys. This is because these toys are so fun and they look so appealing that any baby would be happy to have just one of these and they will be kept happily amused for hours on end.

One such example is the Lamaze Mortimer The Moose. This baby toy has so many different features that there is no way that a baby can get bored. The different features include:

  • Baby teether
  • Baby rings
  • A little rattle
  • Chimes

The Antlers Are Teethers

When a baby is growing and going through the teething process, they will look for anything that they can place in their mouths in order to help soothe the irritation of new teeth coming through. Little Mortimer has antlers that are made with a soft and chewy rubber that will keep your baby calm and help soothe their aching gums.

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The Tail Has Two Rubber Rings

Babies love to be able to reach out and grab things and the rings that have been attached to this baby toy add to the fun and excitement.

The Hooves Are Rattles

The little hooves that Mortimer has contain items that will cause a rattling sound when your little one grabs hold of them and shakes them a little. This will definitely keep any baby alert and help develop their hearing.

Mortimer Makes A Chiming Sound

Mortimer the Moose makes lots of different sounds when he is picked up and when he is shaken. As well as the rattles and squeaks that are caused by his hooves, he also makes a chiming sound when he is moved about in your baby’s hands.

The Perfect Toy For A Baby Stroller

Mortimer would make a wonderful addition to any baby stroller. This is because he is a very easy toy to attach to your baby’s buggy. He comes equipped with a hoop on the top so that you can simply link him into place.

He is also versatile enough for you to be able to add him to the baby car seat whenever you are traveling anywhere using your vehicle.

If you are looking for a multifunctional baby toy that is soft and cuddly and easy to take wherever you go, then Mortimer the Moosee could be the perfect choice for you.

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Find out more about the wide range of Lamaze Baby Toys that are currently available to buy from Amazon today. This is also something that would make a wonderful gift idea for a child’s birthday or for Christmas.

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Buy A Fisher Price Rainforest Baby Play Gym

Baby Play Gym

Buy The Perfect Baby Play Gym

Baby Play Gym - Fisher Price Rainforest Medlodies Deluxe GymThere are plenty of wonderful baby play gyms that you can choose from. The perfect one will allow you to watch as your little one is kept amused for hours on end.

Once you start comparing and contrasting the range that is on offer you will find that there are lots of things that you need to decide on which will help you make the right decision and to buy the best

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Fisher-Price Rainforest Melodies & Lights Deluxe Gym

Baby-Play-Gym-Fisher-Price-Rainforest-baby-play-gymWhen you start looking for the right play mat that will help to encourage your little baby to move their arms and legs and to become alert to the different images in front of them, take a look at what Fisher Price has to offer. One option is that you may like to consider purchasing this Fisher-Price Rainforest Melodies & Lights Deluxe Gym.

Toys from the Fisher Price collection are known all over the world. They are famous for how well made their products are and for the way in which everything that they make for children always have an educational element to them as well as incorporating the fun things too.

This baby gym certainly has all the right elements that will encourage the stimulation of your baby’s motor skills.

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What Does This Baby Gym Look Like

Baby Play Gym by Fisher PriceThis baby mat is a very good size and should suit all babies. The mat measures 20 inches by 32.5 inches by 32.5 inches and perfect for a baby to be placed in the centre.

It is made from a quilted material that you can lay flat on the ground. Around the edges the whole thing has been completed with a silky satin fabric in green, which compliments the rest of the rainforest inspired colour scheme. The surface is extremely soft and comfortable for baby to lie on.

The theme of the baby mat is the rainforest and so this is further enhanced by the use of a four pronged arch that stretches over the mat. It is made to look like palm trees with the flash of a beautiful rainbow.

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Things Included with The Rainforest Melodies Playmat

Included in the whole gym are small animal plushes. This includes a swinging toucan bird, a little hanging monkey and a smart giraffe.

These toys are within easy reach of your baby and will help them learn how to stretch out and take grasp of things. There are also additional objects to get their attention. This includes spinning butterflies, rattling beads and a shiny mirror for them to discover their own reflection.

An additional element to this multi play gym is the fact that there is a music and light mode. Once it is switch on, musical tracks will play. The sounds are recordings of the things that you would actually hear in the rainforest. All you need to do in order to activate the sounds and lights is to insert 2 batteries.

This Rainforest baby gym has so many different facets that your baby will be able to play with happily and safely.

This would make a fantastic gift idea for a birthday, for a christening or as a Christmas gift for your loved one.

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Gifts for a Newborn Baby Boy – The Perfect Gift for Your Friend and Her New Baby

The idea of Gifts for a Newborn Baby Boy came up because one of my dearest friend recently gave birth to a bouncing baby boy called Thomas. She lives in Italy so I have not yet had the pleasure of meeting him.

Although she hadn’t planned on getting pregnant, when she found out, she was estatic. Now 9 months later and that baby bump has exploded into a cute little bundle of masculine joy.

Since I am not able to get over to Italy at the moment, I needed to find gift ideas that would be perfect and that I could send in the post. That meant that the items couldn’t weigh too much.

I took a look at what Amazon had to offer and came away with some perfect options. You can also select the Gift Wrapping option and have Amazon deliver the goods to the recipients address. This is ultra convenient.

Here are 3 great gift ideas for a newborn baby boy that I really like. Let me know what you think. These gifts would also work if you were looking to buy something if you were attending a baby shower before the baby has arrived.

Baby Onesie Gift Set

I am sure that I am not the only person to look at baby clothes and go ooooh, this is soooo cute. Well, I couldn’t help but coo over this particular baby onesie gift set called the Baby Aspen Sweet Dreamzzz Pint of PJ’s Sleep Time Gift Set.

I love the way that the design is based on an ice cream dessert.

The sweet inspired gift set includes a onesie with an appliqued design stitched on the front, and a baby night cap, which features multi-coloured sprinkles all around with red coloured fabric detail work on the top to look like a bright cherry on top of an ice cream.

Made from 100% cotton, this is a soft and durable set of clothing that will make any baby look super cute.

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Baby Keepsake Memory Book

Something that will help a parent to remember every highlight of their baby’s first few years is a keepsake memory book. It is like a personal diary where you can make a note of all the speical occasions that have occurred so far.

Things that every new parent will want to remember are memories like finding out when you were pregnant, recording the dates of your scans, the baby’s arrival, baby’s first weigh in and photo, baby’s first foot and hand print, baby’s hospital band and lots lots more.

Depending on the type of book, some have specific headings to guide you on what type of subject to write about and what sort of pictures to include and where.

Pictured above is the Carter’s Bound Keepsake Memory Book of Baby’s First 5 Years

This is just one example of the type on beautifully crafted journals you could choose. This particular book provides enough pages to document the first 5 years of baby’s life.

Available in two colours, pink and a lovely pale green.

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Baby Bathtime Gift Set

Bathtime for baby can be a wonderful bonding experience between parent and child. It can also be a messy time too. A towel set specifically made for baby bathtimes could be just the thing.

This is the Clevamama Splash and Wrap Hooded Towel, a towel set that makes sure that you can get your little one dry as quick as possible without having to juggle with the ends of the towel or juggle with the baby!

You secure it around your neck so that your hands are free to completely encase your little one in the rest of the towel as well as his head. Baby can stay warm and get dried off quickly and your own clothes are protected too. Sounds like a no brainer gift idea to me.

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These are just 3 ideas that you could consider as a baby gift for a newborn baby boy. The gift idea that I went for had to be the baby onesie. Babies that have just been bathed, changed and dressed up are just too cute.

Have Your Say: What do you think of these options? Good? Bad? Let me know in the comments section below.

Buy A Safety First Handheld Digital Video Baby Monitor

Safety First Handheld Digital Video Baby Monitor

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The advancement in technology means that there are a vast range of hand held video baby monitors that you can choose from online.

This Safety 1st digital video baby monitor is a wonderful example. It is great for busy parents who want to have the option of getting on with other tasks in and around the home while still keeping in contact with their sleeping child.

This unit has an impressive 650 feet range so you really can be anywhere on your property and still be guaranteed perfect picture quality on the video monitor.

The technology used to produce this baby monitor means that you can set the base camera in position and you can control it with the remote digital zoom and pan features on the handheld parent monitor.

The unit works with 3 AAA rechargeable batteries that are included in the price and you also get the belt clip too. Thisis just one example of the type of Video Baby Monitors that are currently available.  Other monitors you could choose to buy include the Fisher Price handheld montior, the Zopid baby monitor or a Mobi Mobicam Video baby monitor, which are all available to buy online today.

Buy A Despicable Me Minion Toy

The Despicable Me Minion Toy has turned out to be really well-known because of the cartoon movie called Despicable Me.

You will discover several different kinds of toys and games that happen to be currently available to purchase which connect in some way to this film.

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The film was made with plenty of celebrities providing the voices for the different cartoon figures.

This movie is all about a bad guy called Gru. He’s called the No2 super villain. The No1 super villain is Vector and this particular villain recently succeeded in implementing an incredible crime. This guy succeeded in working out how to rob the Pyramids in Egypt.

Gru, Super villain No2 needs to show his own dastardly abilities and he intends to pull off the most daring crime in history by attempting to take the moon. Gru has his own interesting group of funny shaped characters.

These small characters are called his army of mini minions. They are all yellow in colour, appear to be oval in shape like a pill and they wear small blue overalls and a pair of goggles.

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Though these tiny yellow minions are technically the “bad guys” in this cartoon, the plush toys that are available these days to purchase are so cute and delightful that youngsters and also adults will definitely want to buy one.

At first all these yellow minions might seem alike but if you happen to look a little closer, you may note that there are several individual characters which have their own unique individual qualities.

Say Hi To Despicable Me Dave

The Despicable Me yellow Minion Dave can be purchased in two different measurements. You can get the 6 inch plush or the 10 inch stuffed toy. The unique difference about this figure is that Dave has got two eyes obscured under his goggles.

Say Hi To Despicable Me Stewart

The Despicable Me yellow Minion Stewart is definitely the odd looking minion of the group.

Stewart can be instantly recognisable considering the fact that this particular little figure only possesses one eyeball that is in the middle of his little face. Stewart is available in the 6 inch version and the ten inch deluxe minion plush.

Say Hi To Despicable Me Jorge

The Despicable Me Movie Minion Jorge may also be bought in 2 different sizes. Select the ten inch larger plush or, alternatively, you can choose the six inch plush.

How you can recognise Jorge is that he is the mini minion with a very big friendly grin where he very happily shows off his pearly whites.

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Other top gifts for children that you could consider include the fully functional Mickey Mouse Kids Digital Camera or a Dora Dollhouse for a little girl, perfect for Christmas or as a birthday gift.

Buy A Wooden Baby Rattle

Sassy Earth Brights Wooden Spring Bouquet

If you are looking for a great toy for your baby, you should consider looking at the range of wooden baby rattles that are available.

Sassy Earth Brights Wooden Spring Bouquet wooden rattles consist of a central wooden ring with several little wooden objects that are attached to it. The green wooden rings represent the leaves of the bouquet. When they are moved backwards and forwards they make a clicking sound, which will keep a baby entertained for hours on end.

Fantastic Fun With Baby Wooden Rattles

The other things that are attached to this wooden rattle are three plush flowers. These are brightly coloured in order to attract your child’s eye and attention. The textured fabrics that have been used enables baby to explore, compare and contrast the variety of textures. One of the flowers also functions as a rattle when it is shaken.

This is just one of the wooden baby rattles that this company makes and they have invested time and energy into creating wonderful toys that have been inspired by nature, using natural materials which will last for a lifetime.

This is the perfect toy for any baby and would make a fantastic gift idea to present to brand new parents.  Other fabulous toys for babies include an adorable sterling silver baby rattle as well as baby stroller toys for when you are out and about.

Buy Lamaze Garden Bug Baby Wrist Rattles

Lamaze Garden Bug Wrist Rattle/Foot Finder Set

If you are looking for a fun and funky toy for a young baby, you should definitely think about buying some baby wrist rattles. These are great toys because you can attach them to a little baby and there will be no fear of them constantly dropping them on the floor.

These baby wrist rattles are an ideal toy to have when you are out and about with your little one. This will certainly help to keep him or her amused for hours on end.

This particular baby toy is a great combination of wrist and foot toys. This is called the Lamaze Garden Bug Wrist & Feet Finder Set. It consists of four different pieces which are to be worn on the baby’s wrists and feet. This toy is not only fun to play with, it is also very educational.

The nature theme of the wrist rattles have incorporated brightly coloured cute little ladybugs and a dragonfly which are great for helping to develop hand and eye co-ordination. This is because the baby will be attracted to the plush toys that are attached to their wrists and feet and will want to stretch out their little hands in order to grab hold of these curious little objects. Once they do, they will of course activate the little rattles that are contained within and this will give them even more joy, especially when they learn how the noise is created. They will soon be able to shake their hands and feet in order to keep the rattles making their noises.

The makers of Lamaze toys are a world known company who make fabulous playthings aimed specifically at babies and toddlers and these baby rattles are exception.

Buy this complete set for your little one today or you could purchase this as a wonderful gift idea for anyone you know who has recently become a parent. As well as buying baby wrist rattles, you may also like to consider buying some baby stroller toys that you can attach to your baby’s buggy while you are out and about.

Buy Baby Stroller Toys For Your Child’s Stroller

If you are looking to buy baby stroller toys for your little one’s stroller, you will be pleased to find that there is a great deal of different toys to choose from.  You can opt for wooden toy accessories, plastic or the very colourful fabric plushes like the Lamaze Freddie The Firefly.

Every mother needs to know that the perfect stroller has to be equipped with the perfect set of baby stroller toys.  This is something that will come in handy everyday that you are out and about with your little one.

Reasons To Invest Baby Stroller Accessories

Walking is a wonderful way to burn off the fat many women gain during pregnancy. Walking with your baby can also provide a time for the two of you to bond. Even simply going to the park is a learning experience for a baby.

They are in an entirely different setting with new sights, sounds and smells. Even with all of this wonderment, your baby might become bored. That is why you should be sure to keep extra toys everywhere, especially on your baby’s stroller.

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Your baby goes everywhere in his or her stroller. It is like their legs up until they learn to walk. Keeping toys in your stroller not only provides your baby with entertainment while you are walking with them, they also keep them occupied if you happen to stop somewhere to relax for a couple of minutes on the way to wherever you are going.

If, for example you are walking in the park, you might be tired, so stop and sit for a minute.  Sometimes when babies stop moving they will get restless and start to cry. Toys come in handy at this time because you want to rest but baby wants to keep going. Toys for your baby’s stroller provide a temporary distraction while you catch your breath.

As well as being one of the top gifts for children,  investing in toys for your baby’s stroller, you ensure that no matter where they go, they can be entertained and stimulated at all times. When they become bored, they will become fussy, especially if you are going for a walk and want to stop and rest. Toys for your baby’s stroller prevent him or her from crying when you stop moving so you can sit back and relax while they go to town on the stroller’s toys.

Other great toys for babies include a wonderful sterling silver baby rattle or a fun toy wagon.

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Buy A Sterling Silver Baby Rattle

Sterling Silver Baby Dumbell Rattle

This is a beautiful example of a silver baby rattle that will last for a lifetime. That means you can purchase this sleek silver dumbell rattle as a gift for a new born baby and know that this could become a heirloom and something to be passed down to future babies in years to come.

This is a wonderfully indulgent little toy that is made from sterling silver. It is 3.75 inches long and 1.5 inches wide which makes it perfect for a little one to be able to grip onto this silver toy.

Baby rattles may look different but they function is the same way. Once your little one takes this toy within their hands, all they need to do is shake it and they will hear the rattling sound. This is produced due to the little pieces of loose metals that are concealed inside it.

If you are looking to make a sterling silver baby rattle gift even more special you can look into getting a little personalized message engraved along the side of it.