Captain America Halloween Costume for Boys

Buy A Captain America Halloween Costume

The Captain America fancy dress costume is a superhero costume that has seen a recent resurgence in popularity.

The reason is due to the 2011 movie called Captain America: The First Avenger, staring Chris Evans as Captain America.

He also features in the more recent movie The Avengers with Iron Man, The Hulk and Thor.

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This is a great costume choice due to the truly patriotic colours that make up the outfit. You can get the outfit in sizes suitable for boys, teens, and adults.

Chose from Two Different Styles

You can choose to buy a costume that is based on the look that is seen in the classic comics or you can opt for the costume that is based on the look and design that is featured in the 2011 film.

Whichever one you decide to get you will discover that there are several components that go into making up this particular costume. Some places will sell the complete set but is more than likely that you will have to buy certain parts separately.

Captain America’s Jumpsuit

The main part of this costume is the jumpsuit. In order to replicate the bulging muscles that Captain America has, the suit will usually have padded muscles and a padded torso area.

Captain America’s Head Mask

The head mask is bright blue in colour and is made to cover the top of the head and eyes. It sits securely on the head by using the straps that fastens underneath the chin.   Printed in the centre of the mask is a huge “A” insignia to signify Captain America.

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Captain America’s Utility Belt

A superhero’s costume is not complete without a utility belt and Captain America has a great one.  This belt has plenty of pockets and purses in order to ensure that this he doesn’t forget a thing.

Captain America’s Shield

The final part and most important element of this costume is the fantastic shield that this superhero carries around with him at all times.

He uses this as protection because it is indestructible and as a weapon that can be thrown.  It is made in red, blue and silver and features a large star right in the centre.

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The Origins of Captain America

Captain America first appeared in comic book form in 1941.  It is part of the Marvel Comic family and this character became really popular during wartime due to his patriotic sense of duty.

If you want to be the hero at your Halloween party this year then choosing to wear a Captain America Halloween costume will definitely make you the superhero to admire.

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