Buy The Incredibles Halloween Costume for Boys and Girls

Dress Like The Incredibles This Halloween

The Incredibles Halloween costume would be a fantastic idea if you are looking for a fun outfit that is suitable for the whole family to wear.

Each member can become a superhero for the evening, and look great when going trick or treating.

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The family consists of the parents, Bob and Helen Parr, and their three children Dash, Violet and toddler Jack-Jack.

The Costume Design

The costumes for men, women and children all have the same basic design.  They are available in all sizes so no one has to miss out.

Each outfit consists of 3 main parts which are the bodysuit, the eye mask and the belt.

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The Incredibles Bodysuit

The jumpsuit has been made so that it features all the elements of this superhero costume.  This means that you do not have to worry about attaching different bits and pieces in order to get the look right.  The suit is bright orange with detailed work in black fabric.

This includes the black cuffs on the sleeves and the black material that covers the calves.  This is used to replicate the look of the knee high boots that the characters wear as well as the long sleeved gloves that they also have.

One way to complete the look is to add your own pair of black gloves but it is not necessary.

The bodysuit also has the insignia of The Incredibles, which sits in the centre of the costume.

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The Belt

The inclusion of the belt for this costume may differ from seller to seller.  Some costumes have been made so that the belt is separate, while others have used fabric and have simply incorporated it into the jumpsuit so that it is already part of the costume.

The Eye Mask

Every superhero needs a way to be able to hide their identity and the Incredibles use a black eye mask.

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This is a simple design that is easy to put on. You will find that it is attached to an elastic band that needs to be pulled over the head or it has a tie on each end that you can do up at the back.

If you are trying to decide on a superhero fancy dress outfit this Halloween then the Incredibles Halloween costume would be the ideal choice, suitable for individuals, couples and for the whole family.

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