Buy Dora Explorer Party Supplies and Decorations

Dora the Explorer has become seriously popular over the last number of years.  Lots of little girls are requesting a Dora the Explorer themed party for their birthday. If this is what you have planned for your little one, you need to be sure that you have all the necessary party decorations.  This is now a simple task as you can buy nearly everything online.

What Do You Need For A Dora Explorer Party?

To ensure your themed party is a complete success, make sure that you have covered the following important points:

Buy The Dora Explorer Party Invitations

Start with the basic birthday invitations. You can easily get a variety of Dora birthday invitations that will help you invite your daughter’s friends over for the birthday bash. Remember invitations for family members as well.

Your little girl will need to also receive a Dora birthday card, and all the kids that are coming with gifts will want to receive a thank you card or note as well. All this wonderful stationary is really easy to source if you buy the right Dora party supplies.

Buy A Dora Explorer Cake Topper

It is now time to begin designing the special birthday cake. As an alternative to getting an expensively decorated cake, you can buy a simple cake or perhaps produce your own. You can add a cute Dora Explorer cake topper and a Dora candle and your cake will look almost as good as or even better than the professionals.

Buy Dora Explorer Party Cups and Plates

Next you need stuff for the food and beverages for the birthday bash. You can get Dora the Explorer party supplies which contain small dessert dishes for cake or ice cream, larger dinner plates for lunch or maybe a BBQ, and paper cups for all the beverages as well as paper napkins.

Buy Dora Explorer Balloons

Lastly it’s time for you to decorate the space for the celebration.  There are lots of different types of Dora balloons to choose from.  With a few of these placed around the house, your Dora the Explorer themed party will be ready to go.

The only thing you will need is the birthday girl and all her friends to enjoy this wonderful occasion.

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