Buy an Iron Man Halloween Costume

If your child has decided that he wants an Iron Man Halloween Costume, then be sure to get all the important parts for this Superhero fancy dress outfit.

The Iron Man Costume

The Iron Man costume is made up of two main parts; the all in one jumpsuit and the head mask.

The red jumpsuit has been printed with a pattern that resembles the body armour of Iron Man’s power suit.

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This includes lots of intricate detail work using reds, blacks and gold colouring to produce the printed graphics on the legs, arms and torso of the costume.

The upper torso, shoulders and biceps on this suit have also been padded in order to replicate the expansive chest that this superhero has.

Iron Man’s Power Source

One of the important elements of this costume is the power source, known as Iron Man’s arc reactor which enables Tony to live.  This has been created in different ways on different costumes.

You can buy a suit where a reflective fabric has been used to represent this or you can buy a great outfit which features a light up pack that is powered by batteries.  This would certainly make you stand out at any Halloween party.

The Arc Reactor is also sold seperately.

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Iron Man’s Mask

The final part of this costume is the head mask or helmet.  It is made in the same colours as the suit, a combination of red and gold.

Most stores will sell the helmet as part of the package, but you can also purchase the helmet separately.

These ones will have a lot more detail work and other great functions incorporated into them.

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Not One, But Two Iron Man Costumes to Choose From

If you are already a fan of Iron Man, then you will know that there is an alternative choice to the red and gold Iron Man suit that is worn by the character Tony.

You can now purchase a gray Iron Man outfit.  The guy who wears this suit is called Jim “Rhodey” Rhodes and his alter ego is known as War Machine.

He teams up with Iron Man in order to provide extra backup to fighting off the bad guys.

The suit is exactly the same but comes completely in gray.

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So this Halloween you have a fantastic choice of Iron Man costumes.  If you have two children, they could join forces and become a superhero crime busting duo.

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