Buy A Super Soaker Water Gun

If you are a child or an adult, you will absolutely love the fun you can have with a super soaker water gun.  There are lots of different models to choose from.  These types of water toys used to be small and resembled little squirt guns that you could fill with water and aim at your friends.  These days the fun has increased as these water toys have increased in size.  Here is just a couple of water pistols that you could choose to buy this summer.

Buy A Supersoaker Wars Rattler Water Blaster

If you are looking for the ultimate super soaker then the Supersoaker Wars Rattler Water Blaster could be just the thing you need.

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This is just one example from the Nerf water toy range.  It is a water blaster that works due to the pump action handle, which allows you to fire water up to 25 feet away.  This is fantastic fun for children of all ages.  The manufacturers recommend that children should be a least 5 years old in order to play with this. I believe that this is due to the size.  It could be a little cumbersome for a toddler to hold properly.

The large water tank on the side means that you have to refill it less often so there is less down time between each super soaking mission.

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Buy A Water Pistol For Toddlers

If you are looking for something that would be more suitable for younger children then you could choose to buy a small water pistol or buy a squirt gun.

These come in an assortment of colors and are nice and lightweight so should be no problem for your tot to hold on to.

These would also be great if you are organizing a summer garden party for the children.

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Whether you choose to buy a super soaker water gun or a water pistol, the children are sure to have a fantastic time out in the garden.  You may like to even consider investing in a Banzai water slide or a kids picnic table and create a mini water park in your own back garden.

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