Buy A Mickey Mouse Kids Digital Camera

If you are looking to get a good quality kids digital camera that can take real photographs, you might like to consider the number of cameras produced by Disney. There are actually a number of different styles that you could pick from, in accordance with the characters that your little one is really a big fan of.  This is the Mickey Mouse Digital Camera.

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It is a great illustration of a child friendly digital camera that your infant is sure to have tons of fun with. The Mickey Mouse digital camera is suited to a youngster aged from three years old and it has been made so that it’s sturdy enough to tolerate any falls which tend to arise whenever tiny kiddy hands are handling equipment. It’s got integrated rubber grips so that it is really durable and incredibly effortless to hold on to.

Just like the Dora Explorer digital camera the screen is 1.5 inches in dimensions and the size of the internal memory signifies that it can easily save 150 images at the same time. If you would like to, there is the choice of inserting an SD card which will then increase the storage space and its capacity to hold even more photos.

Included in the price of this toy camera is an extremely useful arm strap in order that your son or daughter has the ability to carry it around with ease. You also will get the essential software program that is required to be able to download all of the pictures on to a pc. The software package will also let you further enhance any photographs taken since you can include various Disney characters to your images.

The USB cable connection to connect the camera to your notebook or pc is also included. All you need to get is 4 AA batteries that are necessary to get this digital toy camera working. You’ll find that it will have the ability to perform for up to 15 hours before you should exchange the batteries.

The Mickey Mouse kids digital camera is an excellent choice for a practical and fun gift that will keep your child happily taking photos of everything they see.  Other great cameras for children include the Disney Princess camera.

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