Buy a Little Tikes EasyStore Kids Picnic Table

If you’re looking at numerous kids picnic tables, you will be happily surprised at the variety that is open to you. This child’s table is only one illustration of the sort of thing that you could purchase online today.

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The Little Tikes EasyStore picnic table for kids may be the perfect solution for you if you’re searching for a table and chair combo that is suitable for small children. This particular model is completely flexible. You’ll be able to choose to open it up and put it to use in the house or you can open it up and use it outside the house in your back garden.

The Ideal Picnic Table For Summer

This plastic picnic table for kids will seat up to six children quite comfortably with 3 sitting on either side of the table. You will discover that there is a beautifully coloured seating bank on each side. The table has been made so that children have the chance to sit down and know that their feet are able to touch the floor.

Reasons To Invest In A Picnic Table For Toddlers

There are many positive factors to be obtained if you make the decision to buy a small table that has been created for young children sit at. This is definitely a good way for them to feel an extra bit more independent. You can easily observe them sitting at the picnic table without the worry that they may topple from a great height and do themselves an injury.

The Little Tikes EasyStore table has a little well where you can place drinking cups for added safety. This means that there are less likely to be any spillages.

Compact & Efficient Storage Solution Included

Whenever the table is not being used you can simply unlock it and the legs fold below the structure and the complete table becomes a flat structure. It is very effortless to move so you can stow it wherever you have the room. This may be in your garage, in your garden shed or it may be in the basement of your home.

The complete unit has a combined weight that is only 26.3 pounds and when it is laid out flat it measures 5.1 x 38 x 42 inches. This is certainly another good reason why it is ideal for easy transportation.

The tough materials that this picnic table set is created with means that it can not get easily damaged and will be as good as new when you are ready to use it again and again.

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