Buy A Fisher Price Basketball Hoop For Toddlers

If you have decided that you would like to buy a basketball hoop for toddlers then one of the best companies to buy from is the Fisher Price organization.

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They are internationally renowned for producing high quality toys for children that are fun to play with and completely safe.

Here is just one example that you could consider from Fisher Price range

Buy A Fisher Price Grow-To-Pro Basketball Hoop

A fantastic toy that will grow the same way as your little child will is the Fisher Price Grow-To-Pro Basketball Hoop set is excellent value.  It is recommended for children aged 2 years and upwards.

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The set is very easy to put together.  The sturdy base means that it will stand independently, however you may want to weigh it down with sandbags if you know that your child is a little boisterous.

The adjustable height allows you to set the hoop at four different levels in order to suit the size of your toddler.  You can set the hoop at 3, 4, 5, and 6 feet in height.

When you buy this set, a child size ball is also included.  Therefore as soon as you get this basketball hoop home and set to the appropriate height, your little one can start playing immediately.  It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor play.

Added Feature – The Ball Return Scoop

If you are shooting hoops, it can be very annoying to have to keep running after the ball after each basket. Well the Grow-To-Pro basketball set has an easy to attach ball return scoop that will catch the ball each and every time so you do not have to go chasing after it.

This can be easily removed when you want to play a proper game or when your child is playing with others.

Reason To Buy This Fisher Price Basketball Set

If you are searching for a way that will help your child to exercise more, then a game of basketball will definitely get them moving around.  This is a wonderful way to help children develop there hand and eye co-ordination as well as a great way to interact with others. Basketball is a hugely popular sport and it is great to get children started as soon as possible.

Recent Customer Reviews

Find out what recent purchasers have thought about the Fisher Price Grow-To-Pro Basketball

It is an awesome toy to have your kids doing more exercise and to train their connection between eyes and hands. The stand and the basket ring are very strong. The adjustable height is so easily to change. No problem at all for assembly. I am putting the toy indoor in the living room for my 3-yr and 2-yr kids, but definitely will move outdoor once they have grown up.

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We got this basketball hoop for my son when he was 18 months old. He LOVES it! The basketball that comes with the hoop is light weight and easy to throw, but the hoop is also big enough for a standard basketball. My son will play with this for 20-30 mintues at a time (and any of you parents can understand the short attention span of toddlers).

The Fisher Price Grow To Pro set is a wonderful toy that would be perfect as a gift for any occasion.

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