Buy A Dora Dollhouse

A perfect gift for a child who loves everything to do with Dora the Explorer is a Dora Explorer dollhouse.  There are several different types of dollhouse that you can choose. Perhaps you already have an idea about which one you want to get.

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Which Dora Dollhouse Should You Buy?

If you have not yet made up your mind, then here is a list of the Dora Explorer dollhouses that are currently for sale at Amazon.

  • Fisher-Price Dora Window Surprises Dollhouse
  • Fisher-Price Dora Magical Welcome Dollhouse
  • Fisher-Price Dora’s Explore and Play Dollhouse
  • Dora’s Magical Castle Dollhouse
  • Dora’s Talking Dollhouse w/Lights, Sounds, Music & Diego, Boots, Swiper
  • Dora’s Talking House

Each dollhouse has its own unique style.  Some will be more suitable for toddlers, while others will be better suited for older children.

Buy Dora Dollhouse Dolls and Furniture

Once you have chosen the dollhouse, you have to think about buying the right Dora accessories.  This means the little Dora figurines and the furniture for the house. Again there is plenty to choose from.

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Getting a complete Dora dollhouse with figurines and furniture will make the perfect birthday gift or Christmas present for your child.   Other great gift ideas include creating a Dora themed party with Dora Explorer party supplies or perhaps a Mickey Mouse kids digital camera for any buddy photographer.

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