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Buy An eReader For Kids

eReaders for Kids

If you are looking for an eReader for children then there are a few things that you will want to ensure so that the product you choose is the perfectly suited to the age of the child.

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The Difference Between eReaders for Adults & Kids

eReaders for childrenMany of the eBook readers on the market for adults are designed to look as much like paper books as possible.

As such, many have very plain designs and black and white screens using “e-Ink” technology. Although e-Ink is easy on the eyes and pleasant to read, it might not really inspire your child to get reading more often.

Instead, it helps to look towards specific items designed for children. Not only are these more “fun” and eye-catching, but they’re also easier to operate, and made to be more durable. We all know just how much our kids can put their toys through! Would you really want to risk that with a delicate glass-screened eReader?!

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Buy a VTech V. Reader Animated eBook System

eReaders for Kids - VReaderThe VTech V. Reader Animated eBook System is currently the only real option available for kids on the market today.

The design itself is fun and colorful, and it comes in either blue or pink to suit your child’s tastes. This eBook reader is far cheaper than other readers like the Kindle or Nook, but the downside is that it requires new cartridges for different books, which can be relatively expensive.

Some extra features of the V. Reader include the fact that kids can type on the Qwerty keyboard, look up works in the dictionary, hear stories read aloud, play reading games and more.

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In short, eBook readers for children are very valid educational tools, and can help make reading fun through the use of interactive features. Take some time to make sure that there are books your child likes, and they’re bound to find enjoyment in this type of gadget.

Buy a Fisher-Price Disney’s Dance Star Mickey

Fisher Price Disneys Dance Star Mickey

There are two main reasons to buy a Fisher-Price Dance Star Mickey for your child. The first is that everyone loves the world of Disney and the second is that everyone loves Mickey Mouse!

There are several Mickeys to choose from. You could have the original Dance Star Mickey, the funky Master Moves Mickey, the Mickey Hot Dog Dancer or the rocking Rockstar Mickey.

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Why You Should Choose a Fun & Interactive Toy as a Gift

Fisher Price Disney Dance Star Mickey

Disney’s Dance Star Mickey

Interactive toys have become very popular of late. They’re rising up the best seller lists because these type of toys keep kids healthier by engaging both their minds and their bodies. Plus, interactive toys help kids with dexterity and coordination.

They’re one of the best gifts you can give little ones. When they get up and move, it’s better for them physically. That’s why parents love the Fisher-Price Dance Star Mickey. Just like Dancing with the Stars, Mickey inspires your kids to love to dance too.

As he moves and grooves, it inspires kids to get up and dance right along with him. They love seeing Mickey jump right into the song and it quickly becomes quite the giggle-fest whenever this well-loved character makes an appearance.

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How Does Dance Star Mickey Work?

Fisher Price Disney Master Moves Mickey

Disney’s Master Moves Mickey

All kids have to do to get Mickey ready for some groovin’ action is to press his foot and watch him get ready to tango! He not only dances, but this great little guy also talks and walks too! You’ll laugh along with your child when Mickey belts out, “Go, Mickey, go Mickey.”

For the songs that are included with the Fisher-Price Dance Star Mickey, there’s a dance that accompanies the song that’s made especially for that beat. No two dances are alike for the different songs and your child will love (and groove along) to each song. They’ll be inspired by Mickey’s dance moves and will have so much fun as they’re mimicking his dancing.

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A Selection of Fun Songs from Different Genres Included!

Fisher Price Disney Rock Star Mickey

Disney’s Rock Star Mickey

Your child will get a selection of songs they’ll want to play over and over again until they’ve memorized the songs and the dance moves that go along with them.

The styles of the songs are different so your child will be introduced to a variety of musical backgrounds.

Remember the disco era? Your child will be introduced to this fun loving dance and song style thanks to Mickey and he’ll love it just as much as you did back in the day.

Mickey also dances to the Latin techno and other styles. One that kids will laugh along with? The Moonwalk.

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Dance Star Mickey Has Interactive Games Too

Fisher-Price-Disney Dance Star MickeyThe Fisher-Price Dance Star Mickey doesn’t just do dances to fun music, he also comes along with interactive games, too.

The titles for those games are Mickey Says and Freeze. This toy is great entertainment for your kids and helps them while it’s entertaining them.

Watch Mickey come to life and dance the night away much to your child’s delight! This is sure to make the top most wanted item on Santa wish lists, so don’t wait until the last minute to get one for beloved child in your life.

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Buy a Monster High Fashion Design Book

Monster High Design Sketch Book

Monster High Full Size Sketch Design Portfolio

Monster High DesignPortfolioThe Monster High characters are a highly popular group of girls that know how to show up in any event – whether school or hanging with friends – dressed in clothes that show off hot, trend setting fashion style.

The Monster High Full Size Sketch Portfolio lets kids have fun with the popular characters by designing cool clothes and accessories for them to wear.

The ghoulish and cool monsters can wear whatever you design with the portfolio.

Kids can play and have fun and hone their art skills too – and nothing is too ghoulish for these characters to wear!

Girls don’t have to be the best with drawing ability to be able to have fun with this toy.

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What Does The Monster High Fashion Book Offer?

Monster High Design BookThe portfolio gift lets kids design and create outfits that are freakishly hip and trendy for this high school group.

It comes with 40 pages, so kids can design without worrying about outlines, since the pages allow them to sketch by tracing – making it perfect too for younger kids who want one.

The Monster High Full Size Sketch Portfolio has five stencils that contain 190 different creations girls can make for the Monster High characters.

Kids can design something dark and dreary for Frankie Stein who loves her black plaid outfit or they can give a little more colour to the white outfit Abbey Bominable coolly loves to wear.

Monster High Stickers

Monster High Design PortfolioOnce kids are done with the fearful designing of the outfits, they can add the stickers that take the designs from fashion fabulous to A-list spotlight ready. This portfolio is also educational while being fun.

Since the stencils are made to be used multiple times, the fun of sketchi ng and design lasts for hundreds of different scenes!

Inside the portfolio are lessons that teach kids about how colours work well with other colours and the portfolioalso includes some sample fabrics kids can use in the designs.

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The Perfect Gift for a Budding Fashionista

Having the portfolio is like having their very own design studio that girls can easily take along with them wherever they go. Having a Monster High Full Size Sketch Portfolio doesn’t just teach kids about design and colour and how different fabrics can shape an outfit.

It’s a fun way for them to spend time dressing up the characters they love. The portfolio comes with a sketchpad, stencil cards so that kids can create more than fashion outfits (including the accessories) – and it’s portable enough to have fun on the go.

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Gifts for a Newborn Baby Boy – The Perfect Gift for Your Friend and Her New Baby

The idea of Gifts for a Newborn Baby Boy came up because one of my dearest friend recently gave birth to a bouncing baby boy called Thomas. She lives in Italy so I have not yet had the pleasure of meeting him.

Although she hadn’t planned on getting pregnant, when she found out, she was estatic. Now 9 months later and that baby bump has exploded into a cute little bundle of masculine joy.

Since I am not able to get over to Italy at the moment, I needed to find gift ideas that would be perfect and that I could send in the post. That meant that the items couldn’t weigh too much.

I took a look at what Amazon had to offer and came away with some perfect options. You can also select the Gift Wrapping option and have Amazon deliver the goods to the recipients address. This is ultra convenient.

Here are 3 great gift ideas for a newborn baby boy that I really like. Let me know what you think. These gifts would also work if you were looking to buy something if you were attending a baby shower before the baby has arrived.

Baby Onesie Gift Set

I am sure that I am not the only person to look at baby clothes and go ooooh, this is soooo cute. Well, I couldn’t help but coo over this particular baby onesie gift set called the Baby Aspen Sweet Dreamzzz Pint of PJ’s Sleep Time Gift Set.

I love the way that the design is based on an ice cream dessert.

The sweet inspired gift set includes a onesie with an appliqued design stitched on the front, and a baby night cap, which features multi-coloured sprinkles all around with red coloured fabric detail work on the top to look like a bright cherry on top of an ice cream.

Made from 100% cotton, this is a soft and durable set of clothing that will make any baby look super cute.

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Baby Keepsake Memory Book

Something that will help a parent to remember every highlight of their baby’s first few years is a keepsake memory book. It is like a personal diary where you can make a note of all the speical occasions that have occurred so far.

Things that every new parent will want to remember are memories like finding out when you were pregnant, recording the dates of your scans, the baby’s arrival, baby’s first weigh in and photo, baby’s first foot and hand print, baby’s hospital band and lots lots more.

Depending on the type of book, some have specific headings to guide you on what type of subject to write about and what sort of pictures to include and where.

Pictured above is the Carter’s Bound Keepsake Memory Book of Baby’s First 5 Years

This is just one example of the type on beautifully crafted journals you could choose. This particular book provides enough pages to document the first 5 years of baby’s life.

Available in two colours, pink and a lovely pale green.

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Baby Bathtime Gift Set

Bathtime for baby can be a wonderful bonding experience between parent and child. It can also be a messy time too. A towel set specifically made for baby bathtimes could be just the thing.

This is the Clevamama Splash and Wrap Hooded Towel, a towel set that makes sure that you can get your little one dry as quick as possible without having to juggle with the ends of the towel or juggle with the baby!

You secure it around your neck so that your hands are free to completely encase your little one in the rest of the towel as well as his head. Baby can stay warm and get dried off quickly and your own clothes are protected too. Sounds like a no brainer gift idea to me.

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These are just 3 ideas that you could consider as a baby gift for a newborn baby boy. The gift idea that I went for had to be the baby onesie. Babies that have just been bathed, changed and dressed up are just too cute.

Have Your Say: What do you think of these options? Good? Bad? Let me know in the comments section below.

Buy Lego Star Wars Advent Calendar 2012

Lego Star Wars Advent Calendar 2012

Although holiday toys are mainly meant for Christmas day itself, an advent calendar is the one exception! Instead of choosing candy, why not opt for something a little more creative this year?

The Lego Star Wars Advent Calendar is exactly that, with a fun new Lego model to unveil each and every day in December, up until Christmas.

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What Do You Get With The Lego Star Wars Advent Calendar?

* Advent calendar box/ stand with Star Wars theme,
* 24 windows with Lego gifts,
* 9 mini figures (including the Phantom Menace dressed as Santa Claus)
* 234 pieces total

How Does The Lego Star Wars Advent Calendar Work?

The premise behind this Lego advent calendar is the same as all other advent calendars. The lego pieces are divided between 24 sealed windows, one for each day before Christmas. Every day your child can open up a new window and get a new Star Wars-themed Lego model.

Most of the models are extremely easy to assemble, or are already assembled, so no instructions are necessary. There’s simply a small image of the finished model on the inside of the window once your child has opened it up.

When your child has opened up all 24 windows they’ll have an excellent collection of Star Wars-themed Lego models and figures to play with. These will take them well beyond Christmas, and can be added to their existing Lego collection.

Should You Buy This Lego Advent Calendar For Your Child?

Priced at around $40-$50, this is going to cost a little more than your standard advent calendar. However, as all parents who have bought Lego before will realize, this is actually good value for a themed set that’ll provide models that last way beyond the advent period.

Remember, Lego comes with many small parts that present a choking hazard, so isn’t suitable for children under three years of age. The manufacturer recommends this toy for any kids aged between 3 and 14, but in truth it’ll appeal to anyone who likes Lego. These sets are very collectible, and there may even be an adult in your life who would enjoy receiving this as a special pre-Christmas gift!

Anyone who knows Lego already knows the quality of their product. You can’t really go wrong with the Lego Star Wars Advent Calendar, as long as you know your child likes to play with this kind of toy. It’s good value and will provide your child with something new and fun to look forward to every single day beforeChristmas!

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Disney Princess Sleeping Bag

A Perfect Sleeping Bag for Sleepovers

Every little girl dreams of becoming a princess and if you choose to buy this Disney princess sleeping bag, you can be assured that your little one will definitely feel like a little princess.

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On the top outer layer of this smart little sleeping bag you will see that the following Disney princesses are featured:

  • Belle from Beauty and The Beast
  • Cinderella
  • Aurora from The Sleeping Beauty

The shape and size of this kid’s sleeping bag makes it perfect for a variety of uses. If you are a family that likes to go camping, or if your child is going off to stay with friends or family then this is a lovely and colourful addition.

If you are arranging for slumber parties or your daughter has been invited to a slumber party, then this light weight sleeping bag is quick and easy to transport from place to place.

Reasons To Buy A Good Quality Kid’s Sleeping Bag

If you are looking for kids sleeping bags that has been specially designed for children then you may be pleasantly surprised at the range that is currently available. The most important factor that you will need to consider in order to ensure that you select the best product for your family is the size and weight of the sleeping bag.

This is a very important point if you are looking for something that you know will last for a couple of years before your child outgrows it or if you are after something that you can use for a few more years down the line.

Once you have come to this decision, you may find that the choices that are available to you will be filtered down so as to make it easier to pick the right sleeping bag for your little one.

What Is The Disney Slumber Bag Made From

This particular sleeping bag is made from a mixture of materials. The shell and the internal filling consist of 100% polyester. The amount of polyester fiber filling weighs 16 oz and with the additional tricot liner this makes the whole thing incredibly warm.

The bag measures 30 inches by 57 inches and is definitely lightweight and portable. It is also the perfect size to place as a comforter over a twin size bed. There is a side zipper which makes for very easy access.

The external layer is wonderfully soft and silky to the touch. As you can see it has a lot of vibrant colours that have been used for the beautiful graphic designs of our princesses.

If your daughter is a fan of the Disney Princesses then this is definitely a must have item for you to buy. The Disney Princess kid’s sleeping bag would also make a wonderful gift idea if you are looking to buy a birthday present or something for Christmas.

Savannah Goes to the Theatre – Childrens Book

Savannah Goes to the Theatre is about the very first time that Savannah goes to see a musical theatre show.

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Discover all the wonderful things that Savannah experiences on this special trip that she shares with her friend Katie.

The theatre show she sees is based on one of her favourite fairy tale stories.

The chapter headings of this short story are:

**Savannah’s First Trip to the Theatre
**Savannah’s Mother Explains What They Will See at the Theatre
**Savannah Invites Her Friend Katie
**The Exciting Journey on The Train
**Savannah Arrives at the Theatre
**Inside The Theatre Auditorium
**Savannah Takes Her Seat
**Savannah’s First Theatre Show Begins
**Savannah Enjoys an Ice-cream at the Interval
**The Theatre Show Continues
**The Journey Home

This is the perfect short story if you are looking for a book that you can share with your little girl.

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Savannah’s Happy Halloween Party

Savannah’s Happy Halloween Party is a cute little story about a little girl called Savannah.

She lives with her mum and dad and they have a little dog called Jessie. Savannah lives next door to her very best friend. Her name is Katie.

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Savannah’s Happy Halloween Party is about the wonderful Halloween party that Savannah helps to organise with her family.

Discover all the exciting things that Savannah has to think about and do so that the Happy Halloween party is a success for everyone. The chapter headings of this short story are:

** The Happy Halloween Party
** The Happy Halloween Party Invitations List
** Savannah Chooses Her Halloween Costume
** Savannah’s Happy Halloween ‘To Do’ List
** Savannah’s Parents Choose Their Halloween Costumes
** Jessie the Dog Gets a Halloween Costume Too
** Savannah’s Happy Halloween ‘To Do’ List
** Savannah Chooses The Party Favours Gift Bags
** Savannah Helps Decorate the House for Halloween
** Grandma May Prepares a Happy Halloween Feast
** Savannah Welcomes Her Guests to Her Happy Halloween Party
** Time to go Trick or Treating
** Grandma May Presents the Happy Halloween Cake
** Time to Say Farewell to The Happy Halloween Party Guests

This is the perfect story for any little girl who loves Halloween, fancy dress costumes, trick or treating and eating Halloween cake.

Bonus – Find out about the free fun ebook you can download after purchase.

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Captain America Halloween Costume for Boys

Buy A Captain America Halloween Costume

The Captain America fancy dress costume is a superhero costume that has seen a recent resurgence in popularity.

The reason is due to the 2011 movie called Captain America: The First Avenger, staring Chris Evans as Captain America.

He also features in the more recent movie The Avengers with Iron Man, The Hulk and Thor.

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This is a great costume choice due to the truly patriotic colours that make up the outfit. You can get the outfit in sizes suitable for boys, teens, and adults.

Chose from Two Different Styles

You can choose to buy a costume that is based on the look that is seen in the classic comics or you can opt for the costume that is based on the look and design that is featured in the 2011 film.

Whichever one you decide to get you will discover that there are several components that go into making up this particular costume. Some places will sell the complete set but is more than likely that you will have to buy certain parts separately.

Captain America’s Jumpsuit

The main part of this costume is the jumpsuit. In order to replicate the bulging muscles that Captain America has, the suit will usually have padded muscles and a padded torso area.

Captain America’s Head Mask

The head mask is bright blue in colour and is made to cover the top of the head and eyes. It sits securely on the head by using the straps that fastens underneath the chin.   Printed in the centre of the mask is a huge “A” insignia to signify Captain America.

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Captain America’s Utility Belt

A superhero’s costume is not complete without a utility belt and Captain America has a great one.  This belt has plenty of pockets and purses in order to ensure that this he doesn’t forget a thing.

Captain America’s Shield

The final part and most important element of this costume is the fantastic shield that this superhero carries around with him at all times.

He uses this as protection because it is indestructible and as a weapon that can be thrown.  It is made in red, blue and silver and features a large star right in the centre.

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The Origins of Captain America

Captain America first appeared in comic book form in 1941.  It is part of the Marvel Comic family and this character became really popular during wartime due to his patriotic sense of duty.

If you want to be the hero at your Halloween party this year then choosing to wear a Captain America Halloween costume will definitely make you the superhero to admire.

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There are otherr fancy dress costume ideas featured in the Avenger film. Click Iron Man Halloween costume and click Thor Costume for boys to find out more.

The Best Sleepover Party Ever!

How To Plan The Best Sleepover Party for Your Daughter.

Looking for great ideas on how to plan the perfect sleepover party for your daughter?

Then download a copy of

The Best Sleepover Party Ever!

A Fun A-Z Check-List

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Create The Perfect Slumber Party

Your daughter’s first sleepover party is like a rite of passage that all young girls will go through.

This is the chance for real friendships to be forged during a fun-filled evening of games, gossiping, eating junk food and watching movies.

The Best Sleepover Party Ever! – A Fun A-Z Check-List uses the alphabet to offer ideas and suggestions when planning such an important event on your daughter’s social calendar.

Fun Tips in the A-Z Check-List Include:

  • Sleepover games
  • Sleepover invitations
  • Sleepover junk food ideas
  • Sleepover party favors
  • Sleepover party supplies
  • Sleepover quizzes
  • Friendships and friendship bracelets

and lots more…..

This is the perfect opportunity for you to sit down with your daughter so you can work together on creating the most successful slumber party for her and her friends to enjoy.

Bonus – Free offer available to all who download this book.

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