Hi there. My Name is Victoria and welcome to my website Top Gifts for Children, a site about toys, gadgets, and clothing for children of all ages. This website started life as a generic site about the variety fo toys that you could go buy for your children or for the children of your family and friends.

However, I found that I was writing articles that lacked personality.  They gave the raw facts, which you can glean from visting Amazon.

When you visit Top Gifts for Children, I want you to feel like a welcome guest to my online home.  I want to still talk about the great toys that children would absolutely love but I also want to share my own experience and opinions.

Now I do not have children but I have plenty of nephews, nieces and dear friends who have just started their own familes.

I want to be able to share part of their stories with you too so that you can get different perspectives on the same subject.

I hope that you enjoy the new direction of this blog and I would love you to feel free to get in touch or leave a comment on the posts whenever you feel.

Thanks for reading :)

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